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Tag Heuer

TAG Heuer, a label that everyone has been comparing with in the area of high-prestige sports watches and chronographs since 1860, is one of the largest and fastest growing labels of luxury Swiss watches. Legendary Swiss producer of watches utilizes its active participation in the world of sports for production of the most accurate time measuring devices and sports watches that have ever been produced. TAG Heuer is the first producer of watches who was able to produce luxury chronographs with ultimate accuracy of 1/10, 1/100 and 1/1000 second.


Raymond Weil

The Swiss family firm RAYMOND WEIL established in Geneva in 1976 has quite exceptional position in the luxury world of Swiss watchmakers. For may years it has been preserving its independent, dynamic and innovative nature and at the same time it has been taking active part in development of local economy as well as the world watch-and-clock-making industry.



In 2012 Longines celebrated its 180th anniversary. The firm was established in 1832 in a small Swiss town St. Imier where it has its headquarters even today. The outstanding features of their products are technical excellence, tradition, performance and also exceptional elegance. Longines has had long-term experience in sports chronometry received in many world championships and as a partner of various international sports federations. It is a member of the financial group Swatch Group Ltd. uniting top producers of watches and clocks. The world-famous logo Longines with the winged watch glass decorates shops in 130 countries all over the world.


Tresor Paris

The renowned designer of golden and diamond jewellery Hasbani, having his seat in the very heart of the diamond London quarter Hatton Garden, created beautiful crystal collections inspired by Paris.

There he defines unique luxury style personifying energy and sparkle. Tresor Paris has created a reputation of luxury and design label popular all over the world. Tresor Paris has been expanding: both men and women will be able to choose from many collections, and they also introduced novelty "Les Petits", a collection for children. Tresor Paris will present new luxury collection of watches and other fashionable, trendy accessories soon.



Saphir is a label of many faces - it represents watches from classical designs up to extravagant stylish shapes and colour variations. All of the types are characterized by high-quality workmanship, excellent surface treatment and reliable clockworks. Both the ladies’ and men’s watches provide the best proportion of quality/price within the given price segment.




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